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Hello Guys!
Finally I'll be doing commissions for you. I planned to do them for some time and now I decided.
The commissions include basically Original Characters.
All of the pictures will be drawn DIGITALLY and they will be given to you digitally.
If you want a commission just send me a PM with your desires and I'll put you in the wait-list. (On my Facebook Page)
I'd like proper references of the Character/s it's more convertible as a written descprition. A little Character description is fine as well, so that I can capture the Character's personality. But please remember, if I only get a Description of what the character looks like it will count as a Design Commission!
I can refuse your Commission if I don't like the motive, though.

~~Commissions and Prices~~
All of these Pictures will be without background as long you don't tell me that you want one.
If you want one, please see the Background Prices below.
Each additional Character costs the same Price. If they're covered/ by something they're half the Price.
If your requested Character is a very detailed one, there will be 5€ charge.

Chibi - 5€  
(!Note that the examples given can be a bit older and that my current drawing style and colour style can differ from the Examples!)

~TBP~ Chibi Lolli by TamashiineKasuka <---- A Chibi like this would cost 10€ (5€ for the Chibi + 5€ for the BG)

Headshot - 8€
(!Note that the examples given can be a bit older and that my current drawing style and colour style can differ from the Examples!)

Kazuo Adachi by TamashiineKasuka <---- A Headshot like this would cost 8€
MACARON by TamashiineKasuka <---- A Headshot like this would cost 8€
PONPONPON by TamashiineKasuka <---- A Headshot like this would cost 13€ (8€ for the Headshot + 5€ for the BG)

Halfbody -15€ 
UTAU Family by TamashiineKasuka <---- Each character on this picture alone costs 15€ (All together  60 €)
The Bird That Crosses The Stars [Karetane Husky] by TamashiineKasuka <---- A Halfbody picture like this would cost 20€ (15€ for the Halfbody + 5€ for the BG)

Fullbody - 20€
Dancing in the Moonlight -Art Trade- by TamashiineKasuka <---- A whole picture like this would cost 50€ (20€ Fullbody + 15€ Halfbody  +  10€ for the covered additional Character + 5€ for the BG)

Design - minimum 35€ ~ open (the price may change if your requested design is very complex)

Karetane Husky Concept ART by TamashiineKasuka <---- A concept Art/ Design sheet will look like this.

The character will be yours alone. You can use them freely and do whatever you want with them. But when you use them you have to credit me as the original designer and you can not resell the design.
This also a reason why the price is a bit higher than the others.

Here I have to set a few extra Rules:
If you want me to draw a design for you just write me a pm, there we can further discuss your request.
BUT I will not blindly draw a concept art for you! You have to have a vague idea of what you want.
If you say something like "Oh hey I want you to design a Character for me. Draw something. I leave it to your creativity" I WILL NOT accept the commission. You can name me some key words what you definetely want to have in the design. If you have more details in mind you can name them and give me some references if you have some.

Indicated Background with simple pattern rest transparent -3€
Simple Background ( Pattered/suiting the Character) - 5€
Detailed Background - 10€ You have to tell me what background you exactly want.
But keep in mind that I won't draw too complex Backgrounds.

Things I will do:
-Original Characters (including UTAU)
-Vocaloid (NEW!)
-Shoujo-Ai (Only when I like the Characters!!)
-Yaoi (NEW!)
-Kemonomimi (Characters ONLY with animal ears (and tail))
-If you have anything else, you would like me to draw,(that's not on the lists) you can ask if it's okay.

Things I won't do:
-Existing designs that are Copyrighted (Such as Anime/Game Characters, except Vocaloid)
-Violence/Gore and any other thing that is bloody in a hardcore way
-Hentai (including Yuri and Hetero Pairings)
-Blind designs
-Sonic Characters
-Disproportional Characters 
-Real Persons in Anime Style
-Complex Backgrounds

-Firstly, I make a rough sketch of your desired motive on which you can order changes and so on. If you like the finished sketch you'll have to pay via transfer or Paypal within one week. The relevant banking information will be sent to you via PM.
-Only when the money arrived on my banking account, I will continue on the drawing.

-The buyer will be the only person who will ever get the picture without watermark/High resolution.
-The buyer is NOT allowed to resell the picture.
-The buyer can reedit the picture freely but ONLY for private usage or credited public usage.
-I can make SMALL changes (e.g. when there's a detail or color mistake,) after the Picture is finished, but I WON'T do major changes like "oh hey, what about a different clothing version etc?". Such ideas would count as a complete new commission, when they were not part of the Commission right from the start and told when the picture is already finished.
-Copyright is still mine, Kasuka, so you have to credit me if you use it for public usage.

I'm looking forward to your commission! :3